Chicken Socks Book Review
Jul 3rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

chicken-socks_flowerMy darling husband is slightly challenged in the gift purchasing front but this time he got it right!

He went for a trip to Australia to visit family and came back with presents for us all. He didn’t try to get me perfume or clothes that I would not like, he bought me something I would use, a paper crafts for children related book! Just my thing … the Chicken Socks ‘Make your own Paper Flowers’ book. I think that these books are really great as they introduce not just paper crafts, but all sorts of activities, in a way that makes it so easy for the children (and this grown-up) to follow.

chicken-socks_vase The technique it uses is on the rather basic side so it is probably not that fabulous for at home use. You could just follow the Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial for a similar result. However it is brilliant if you are going to be traveling and want to bring out an activity that has everything already all sorted, nothing to cut, or glue!! It also has some fun add ons like stickers, tags, a doily holder and the watering can vase pictured. It would be a very safe gift for any little girl.
chicken-socks_snap One change I suggest to the instructions is to roll the top of the pipe cleaner into a spiral and not to twist it around itself on the stem as pictured here. I found that when I twisted it around the stem it made it harder to push the petals up the pipe cleaner – not impossible, but I thought it could be frustrating for small fingers.

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Flower Paper Crafts Newsletter
Jul 2nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

newsletter-snapThe next Paper Crafts for Children newsletter will be sent out in the next few days. This issue has a selection of my favorite floral related crafts.

The Paper Crafts for Children newsletter is currently a monthly issue of fun paper crafts based around a theme like flowers, hands, or water. Many of the ideas will be low mess ones that are easy to start and quick to finish. Although making a mess is an important part of arts and crafts with children, sometimes we just need something easy to do.

I try to have ideas that once the children learn what to do, they can repeat them independently – so they will learn skills and create some craft they, and you, will be very proud of. I hope you join me on this crafty adventure with paper.

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