Plasticine Printed Paper
Jul 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks

plasticine_print-closeThis is a very easy way to make a very effective print block.

As well as being a great way to introduce printmaking, it is also one of the many ways of creating decorated paper for use in other paper crafts for children. You create a plasticine printing block or stamper that is very durable – I have some that I made years ago and only need a quick dust before using and a wash up before storing away again. If you have not come across plasticine before, it is worth having a play with some. It is a modeling clay that does not dry out – it really does stay pliable, I am sure there are other brands of this sort of modeling clay but plasticine is the one that I have used for years and can confidently recommend . It is available at Amazon and probably art/craft shops and toy shops.

Start with a lump of plasticine and shape it so it has a knob at one end. Bang it on a table to create a flattened surface.

Use some tools like a nail, blunt knife, a stick, or even a textured surface to create a pattern on the flattened surface.

You may need to gently flatten the surface again.
Apply some paint to the patterned surface and stamp onto some paper.

Wash the plasticine stamper and use again with a different color to create a lovely piece of patterned paper.

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Simple Paper Daisy
Jul 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A flower theme is perfect for paper crafts. This flower is easy and speedy to make, not just for children, but crafters of any age.

The technique used for this daisy is easy to adapt for other flowers. Start with a circle and draw a face in the center.


Cut lines from the outside to the face edge.


Fold every second ‘petal’ to the back of the flower. If like I did, you end up with the wrong amount of ‘petals’, you will need to cut another line in to create another ‘petal’ and then fold them back.


Pinch all the folded back ‘petals’ together and wrap a pipe cleaner around them to hold them together and to create the stalk.


A perfect wee paper craft daisy.


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Hand Shape Paper Frog
Jul 18th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Hop to it and make this cute little guy with your children and their hand prints.

hand-frogI am having to restrain myself from making all my posts hand print related. We started making just a few children’s hand print paper crafts and had such fun that we now have hand print crafts all over the lounge, the fridge, the bathroom and poked under beds. Not sure where this little guy will go yet, he is still in the homeless pile! So I felt at least I could give him his minute of fame by popping him here with all the other paper crafts for children.

The one picture says it all really. You need some green paper for the circle and the hand shapes, and some white paper for the eyes. Glue the eyes and hand shapes on as pictured and then add details with a marker pen. I like that these are all things that the children can do themselves.

I reckon that these would be great for a children’s group exercise as they would look great displayed on a log shape.

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Cardboard Picture Frame
Jul 15th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a simple craft that is easy for children to create, and a great way for them to make a gift and display their special art work.

We have used corrugated cardboard to make our frame, it is nice and thick so that there is plenty of room between the layers for your artwork.

For the backing start off with some bits of card that are both the same size, cut a ‘U’ shape out of one piece.


Glue the ‘U’ shape onto the back piece.


Glue some pieces of white paper over the two pieces of cardboard to tidy it all up and to give it a white background suitable for painting if you wish.


To make the front of the frame cut a piece of decorative card a tiny but bigger than the backing card. Cut a hole in it that is a little smaller than the ‘U’ shape card. In our example we wanted to use some paper that we had previously decorated with scraped paint, so we backed it with some red card to make it stronger.


Glue this on top of the backing piece and your frame is done.


Then you can slot in a special picture or photo – ours has a really cool cartoon horse that my 10 year old created.


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Paper and Crayon Batik
Jul 14th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This uses a technique that, as far as I am aware, is unique to this craft – a technique that you would usually completely avoid – screwing up your artwork!


You can use any crayoned picture for this. If you want the best result then bold areas of color, heavy use of crayon and some areas of white paper seem to work really well. But it is the process in this paper craft or art that is so much fun for children. The picture you end up with is just a bonus.

So start off with a crayoned picture. I remembered this cool technique for making a pattern when I came across this Crazy Circles post. I used to love doing these, so I tried doing them again, and hey – I still love doing them.

Then once you have your beautiful, carefully crafted, perfect picture – you screw it up!! Yep, good and proper – screw it up into a tight little ball, even do it again if that was fun. Carefully un-crumple it and smooth it out flat. You may have a few tears in the edges of it – that is not a problem.


Now brush on some dye, or food coloring, or runny paint all over the picture. Something that can soak into the paper and be resisted by the crayon. Once you have covered the whole page, use a paper towel to wipe off the excess color. Leave it dry and admire your creation.


Once you have finished admiring it then keep it handy, as this sort of decorated paper is perfect for lots of other paper crafts for children – and grown-ups too of course!

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Holey Paper for Childrens Art
Jul 13th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Just small changes to how you set up an art activity can captivate children.

When I read this cool article about using paper with holes cut into it at the fabulous blog The Artful Parent, I had memories flood back about the fun my children had when they were little and they too made art around odd shaped paper.

Hole Inspiration artwork from artfulparent.typepad.com

Hole Inspiration artwork from artfulparent.typepad.com

It is so easy to set up and such a buzz for the children – you just need to cut some holes in the paper or give them odd shaped paper to get them started. After a while they will start to create their own holes in the paper and spend a lot of creative time.

Hole Inspiration artwork from artfulparent.typepad.com

Hole Inspiration artwork from artfulparent.typepad.com

Jean very kindly has let me use some of her photos here – but please check out her full article Hole Inspiration and have a look around the rest of her site for some more artful inspiration – it is well worth a good look.

I thought when I saw the article how great this was for younger children, but then, once again, my children taught me something. This can also be captivating for some older children! My 10 year old played around with creating holes in paper and then art from the holey paper. He has turned the holes in the paper into bugs – very clever I think, and also very different to the type of art he usually does, so I was very excited by the direction this change to the media took him in.




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