Torn Paper Collage
July 24th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A collage can be made up of all sorts of materials, paper is one of the easiest to find and use.

paper-collageThis fantastic tiger collage was made many years ago. It is a made up of a cut out drawing and bits of torn and cut paper. The bits of paper are layered up and glued in place. I love the texture the torn paper gives to this collage. Cutting out their drawing and the shaped bits of paper is great practice for young children’s scissor skills. Looking at this picture, I think that I may have cut out my daughters tiger drawing for her, and then she cut and tore out the shapes used for the stripes and the foliage.

Collage is one of the essential paper crafts for children. To find out a little more about collage check out my ‘What is Collage?‘ article.

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