Kirigami Paper Crown
Jun 10th, 2010 by Craftylocks

kirigami_wind_crownThis was called a wind crown and it was a breeze to make!

Kirigami is a variation of the well known paper craft of origami that includes cutting the paper. I found a book that takes it to all sorts of fun levels. I thought that it would be tricky but the book is aimed at a level children could do so I thought I could have a go and it is really easy. I snipped up this version of the wind mask or crown which suits our large bear Ollie very nicely indeed. Although I realize after getting the photo ready for this post that I had put it on upside down – hey that means this craft is flexible too!

I followed the instructions on the page I had snapped below and it took only minutes to make. The book I used is Kirigami Paper Kingdom and it is full of lots of ideas around the theme of a castle and kingdom which makes it a fun read too.

kirigami_wind_snap kirigami_book_cover

I am linking to all the books by the same author, Karol Krcmar, as when I had a look at what else was available I found others that look really good too. I want the Kirigami Greetings Card one!

Kirigami Books by Karol Krcmar

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Mirror Picture Butterfly
Jun 9th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This technique for decorating paper is just asking to be used in children’s butterfly crafts.

mirror-paint2Without even trying, the mirror pictures look like beautiful colorful butterflies. To make the mirror picture you need to squash some paint in the middle of a folded piece of paper as illustrated in Mirror Pictures Tutorial. This picture is of our art work when we had just opened the folded paper and revealed our mirror picture – the paint is still all wet!

We decided to make a variation of our Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly, so we decorated a toilet paper roll with dabs of paint in the same colors as used on the mirror picture.
When everything was dry we glued them together and attached some chenille stick feelers. Our butterfly is now ready to fly through the air.

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Paper Tree Tutorial
Jun 8th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Another of the easy and speedy paper crafts for children. You need some paper, scissors and a bit of sticky tape.

paper-tree1 Cut slits in an oblong piece of paper, about three-quarters of the way across the paper.
paper-tree2 Roll up the paper and secure the roll at the bottom with a piece of tape.
paper-tree3 Carefully pull up the center of the tree to bring the ‘branches’ up.
paper-tree4 Arrange the branches by bending them, rolling them and cutting extra slits in them.
paper-tree-base1 To make a stand for the tree cut a circle out of paper or thin card. Cut a slit to the center and then a circle from the center about the size of the tree trunk.
paper-tree-base2 Form a cone around the base of the tree and secure it with tape. You can also made a trunk for the tree with another piece of paper decorated with crayon rubbings.

Download the printable version of the tutorial – PDF Tutorial – Paper Tree.

Have a look at the finished paper trees that we crafted.

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Mirror Picture Artwork
Jun 7th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I love the art works our children create when they start experimenting with some of the paper crafts!

mirror-monster-b mirror-butterfly-b

Number one daughter joined me when I was making mirror pictures and created the monster and butterfly artworks from her pictures. The two pictures above came from the mirror picture below.

The mirror picture technique is easy and has a great ‘wow’ factor for the children. I have a tutorial with pictures of the steps at Mirror Pictures Tutorial. In summary you need to apply paint to one half of some paper and then fold the paper together, press the closed paper to spread the paint, and then open to see what you have created. If you apply nice big blobs of paint you never know what you will get and can then use your imagination, and a felt pen, to create whatever you can see in the paint!

This technique for decorating paper is great as an art activity for children but is also a great way to decorate paper for using on paper crafts like cards, or butterfly mobiles. I will add some of those ideas too as I get to them!

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Paper Trees
Jun 6th, 2010 by Craftylocks

paper-tree-sceneWe used some paper crafts to create a forest which was perfect for the children to use to shelter their animals

It was arbor day here in New Zealand but way to cold and wet for us to plant a tree, so we created some from paper instead. This is one of the easy paper crafts for children, and we think pretty effective too – the animals seem to like them.

You need an oblong piece of paper which you cut lots of slits in, about three-quarters of the way across the paper. Then roll up the paper and secure at the bottom with a piece of tape. Carefully pull up the center of the tree to bring the ‘branches’ up. Arrange the branches however you like, we used all sorts of different ways to arrange our paper branches. We used crayons to make paper rubbings from a cane chair for the bark which we wrapped around the bottom for the trunks. You need to make a cone out of paper or thin card so it can stand up, then it is ready for the plastic animals to enjoy. I have made a tutorial with all the steps pictured, and a PDF you can print out at Paper Tree Tutorial.

paper-tree-curled We curled the paper branches around a pen to make the curly effect on this shrubby paper tree.
paper-tree-split-leaves To create this very leafy effect we cut extra slits at the ends of each paper branch, and then bent them away from each other to make them stand out a bit more.
paper-tree-two-tone This tree has two different tones of green paper. We started with two pieces of paper that I taped together before we started cutting the slits. This tree also has extra slits cut at the ends of the paper branches. These extra slits have been curled as well.
paper-tree-shrub This little shrub has different sized slits cut into the paper before it was rolled up. The skinnier slits are rolled so that they are in the center of the tree. We also did not pull the center of the paper up as far so that it looked more like a shrub than a tree.

For a much more sophisticated version of these trees have a look at the ones that are on the ikat bag blog, they are very cool!

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Mirror Pictures Tutorial
Jun 3rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

Children love this art technique and it makes a great base for lots of paper crafts. You just need paint and plain paper.

mirror2 Fold your piece of paper in half, open it, and drip or paint some paint on one half of the paper.
mirror3 Close the paper together and press it so the paint gets all squashed together between the two sides of paper. Then open the paper up.
mirror4 The mirror picture is now revealed. The pattern created is called a mirror picture as one side is a mirror image of the other.

Download the printable version of the tutorial. PDF Tutorial – Mirror Picture.
Check out some of the artwork created by our children using mirror pictures at Mirror Picture Artwork and at Mirror Picture Butterfly.

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