Scraped Paint Decorated Things
June 29th, 2010 by Craftylocks

scraped-paintWhat to do with some beautifully patterned paper created earlier? I wanted to cut the stripy patterns into strips of stripy paper to decorate some other paper crafts for children items.

The patterned paper was made using Scraped Paint. We always need bookmarks around here due to the problem we have with a bookmark eating monster in the bookshelves! Hopefully this one is so brightly colored it will not be to her taste! One side of the bookmark has just the patterned paper, the word ‘BOOK’ on the other side was created by painting the word first and then scratching the line into the center of each letter. Finally the letters were cut out and some more of the stripy paper added to each end.


But wait, there’s more! I had been wanting to make a bracelet out of a toilet paper roll for while, I am just sorry that it did not fit me! We cut a ring from the toilet paper roll and cut an opening in it. We glued some photocopy paper over top to strengthen it and to tidy up the edges. The client (number one daughter) wanted the base to stay white – so no painting needed! We then glued a strip of the stripy paper on the outside and all done.

But wait, I still had lots of paper left over, and I had more toilet paper rolls. I was thinking napkin rings when I made these, but I already have homemade napkins rings – some papier mache ones. So although they may currently be napkin rings, they may turn into Christmas tree decorations, or Easter egg stands, or doll crowns, or perhaps even wheels. The children were even lost for ideas! If you also want to make these bright and cheery not so useful round things – then cut some rings from a toilet paper roll, glue white paper bits to cover and strengthen it, paint it, and glue some decorative paper on the outside – then let me know what you use them for!

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