Cubomania Mania
June 23rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

This form of collage captured the attention of my husband who wanted to have a go too! After a few false starts, we have another cubomania collage.

I think the mathematical structure of this type of collage was the appeal. So after watching the creation of our first Cubomania Collage, he found a suitable picture and started on his plan. He wanted to create an actual picture by rearranging the shapes. The first step was to rule the back of the chosen magazine picture all up into nice little squares. We had discussed that having small squares would enable a more detailed picture.

cubomania_1 cubomania_2

But after sitting and looking at all the squares we realized that he would not be able to tell which was front and which was back, and it would be awfully fiddly! So he cut his squares twice as large as originally planned and that meant each square had red lines crossing it on the reverse – so he knew his front from his back.


I headed out to do some jobs and when I came back the first draft was all laid out. Not wanting to squash his enthusiasm for the project, I tried to find out what it was that he had created – for those like me that could not tell – it is a spoon! Hmmm, welll. .., we decided that we could not really see that.


I suggested that perhaps a more recognizable shaped like an eye, or a heart or something like that may work better, but by this stage all cubomania enthusiasm was well and truly over. So we went for a layering up of colors instead. The final piece has been named ‘Antarctic Landscape’.


So our thoughts on cubomania as a paper craft for children are to not try too hard! Just cut, rearrange into random pleasing pattern, and then decide what it is that you have created. We will leave the detailed images to the dedicated artists out there!

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