Textured Paint Ice-creams
June 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks

Scoop up some paint and some paper and create these ice-creams that look so good that the children may want to eat them.

I had a day of creating all sorts of paper crafts for children without a child around. Our previous paper craft adventure, the super-sized car, used a lot of crafting time so I was running low on completed crafty ideas to post.  It was interesting discussing the projects with the children later and finding out what they wanted to try. My daughter was intrigued by the cones on these ice-creams and wanted to know how to make them – so that is on the list for us to try together. She also thought some 3D lizards were very cool and I had to show her how to make them then and there!!


I used two different techniques to create these ice-cream pictures. For the cone I painted the cone shape and then flipped the brush and used the pointy end of the brush to scratch the details on.

ice-cream-cone1 ice-cream-cone2

Then I searched through our food and art cupboards looking for ‘bits’ to add to the paint to recreate some of our favorite ice-cream and create some new ones. I stirred in some dessicated coconut and rolled oats for some of them. I also used the dessicated coconut as a sprinkle. On others I added an sprinkles of an essential paper crafts ingredient – glitter! An essential for me is ‘chocolate chips’ so I created them from little bits of card. Another I swirled some red paint through the white paint – mmmm, that looks delicious. But I think the one that will taste the best is the one with the hot chocolate dusted over it – YUM!! No prizes for guessing what we had for desert.


This picture is of the painted ice-cream cones when the paint had dried. If you want your final piece to keep the gloss and texture of the wet paint, you need to use good quality acrylic paints or add a thickener like white glue or impasto gel.

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