Cardboard Box Car
June 20th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Super sized paper crafts for children

The children saw a competition on ‘What Now‘, a NZ kids TV program, to make a car. With very soggy weather outside they wanted an indoor version that would use their very extensive imagination to travel the roads. So with lots of enthusiasm and a very large box from a new wood burner, they created a fantastical car. Following their instructions we cut it out and attached the ‘features’ – window, bonnet, and of course the obligatory honking puppet!
card-car1They designed a bull for one side on some paper, I enlarged and drew the design onto the car for them to paint. The bull is very speedy and even had a lightening bolt branded on his side.


Many pottles of paint later, they took the new machine for a test drive. It must have been a very perilous road as the bits I saw involved sword fighting and climbing an ice face.


The car received the miaow of approval from our box loving cat Glitter! And we did add wheels so it was more car like and less boat-ish!


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