Kirigami Butterfly Card
June 13th, 2010 by Craftylocks

kirigami_butterfly_card2I thought this was cool as it combines two pop-out shapes on the one card. It is also nice and easy to make.

When the card is standing the butterfly is bent over looking as though is fluttering down to check out the flower. I thought it was a clever idea – but it is not my idea! I found it in a book on Kirigami by Karol Krcmar. Kirigami is a form of Origami that involves cutting the paper as well as folding it. A great version of this paper craft for children as it enables a lot more flexibility.

kirigami_butterfly_card1 To make the card, cut the shapes out as pictured. Do not cut where I have added the red lines, they will be the folding part of the card.

We also crafted another Kirigami piece, a Kirigami Wind Crown.

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