Cubomania Collage
June 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

We had fun giving our abstract art parts of our brains a bit of a workout with this form of collage.

I had been sent a double up of a magazine I subscribe too, so now we can do magazine collage! I cannot bear to cut up my old cooking, garden and craft magazines, they are too lovely and I might just look back at them one day! Well I might!! But with two copies I am happy to turn one into lots of magazine collages. The first page was sacrificed for a cubomania experiment. Cubomania is a form of collage where a picture is cut up into squares and then reassembled. Ideally you would measure and carefully cut so that all your squares are the same size, but as this is paper crafts for children and my daughter was keen to get started – she folded the picture up to make lines for cutting. So I thought we would go with that have uneven oblongs instead – I wonder if that is called ‘randomshapeomania’?

cubomania1 cubomania2

This inspired my husband to test his craftiness and have a go himself – he had mixed results! See how he did trying this paper craft at Cubomania Collage

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