Kirigami Paper Crown
June 10th, 2010 by Craftylocks

kirigami_wind_crownThis was called a wind crown and it was a breeze to make!

Kirigami is a variation of the well known paper craft of origami that includes cutting the paper. I found a book that takes it to all sorts of fun levels. I thought that it would be tricky but the book is aimed at a level children could do so I thought I could have a go and it is really easy. I snipped up this version of the wind mask or crown which suits our large bear Ollie very nicely indeed. Although I realize after getting the photo ready for this post that I had put it on upside down – hey that means this craft is flexible too!

I followed the instructions on the page I had snapped below and it took only minutes to make. The book I used is Kirigami Paper Kingdom and it is full of lots of ideas around the theme of a castle and kingdom which makes it a fun read too.

kirigami_wind_snap kirigami_book_cover

I am linking to all the books by the same author, Karol Krcmar, as when I had a look at what else was available I found others that look really good too. I want the Kirigami Greetings Card one!

Kirigami Books by Karol Krcmar

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Mess Free Paper Crafts for Children writes:
September 9th, 2010 at 2:08 am

[…] Kirigami Paper Crown This is very cool for little effort – Kirigami is a great mess free paper craft for children. […]

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