Dabber for Applying Paint
June 2nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

A very handy tool for children’s art, used for applying paint to make decorative paper for lots of crafts, and art too.

I used to use these a lot when in what seems like a previous life, I taught art to my new entrants. They are easy to make and easy for the children to use. They are used to apply the paint by ‘dabbing’ or gently pressing the dabber in some paint and then ‘dabbing’ it onto the paper. It is a very good way to control the paint and it keeps fingers reasonably clean.
You can make them with a scraps of fabric or with a piece of foam and an elastic or rubber band. You bunch up the fabric or foam and secure one end with the rubber band as pictured. If you are using fabric it will work better if you pop some fabric scraps inside another square or round piece of fabric so that the dabber has a firm ball to dab with.

I find that they are brilliant for printmaking arts and crafts where you need to apply paint around a template or inside a stencil as we have done with the leaf template printing.

As they are so easy and cheap to make, you can make one for each color you are using and once you have finished for the day you can throw them away! Gotta love paper crafts involving painting that is easy clean up!

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Paper Plate Fish writes:
July 26th, 2010 at 3:02 pm

[…] some paint on. The little dabber pictured here is really handy, I have some more about them at Dabber for Applying Paint. First we dabbed on some green […]

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