Leaf Template Printing
May 27th, 2010 by Craftylocks

leaf-printsNo need to make a stencil for this printmaking, leaves all around us provide the perfect ready made shapes.

This is one of the decorative paper crafts for children – lots of cross-over into art! The results from this are beautiful, just a few of the craft uses for this leaf printed paper could be for cards or wrapping paper, or as a frame for a drawing about collecting the leaves.

First collect your leaves! You will need:

– leaves
– paint and paper
– dabber (a bunched up piece of sponge to dab paint instructions to make them here)

leaf-printingArrange the leaves on your paper and dab the darkest paint around the edges of each leaf so that when you lift it off you can see the shape of the leaf on the paper. Once it is dry arrange your leaves on the paper again, in different places. Alternatively you could use different ones if you prefer. Dab a lighter color paint around the leaves this time so that the first darker layer shows through still. We have just used red and yellow in our leaf print but you could use more if you wanted.

When we had finished the leaves we had used looked really good too with extra colors around their edges! I will have to try and think which of the paper crafts for children I could use them for now. If you want to try some other leaf crafts for children there are more at Autumn / Fall Crafts for Children.


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