Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly
May 26th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This butterfly fluttered in yesterday and looks as though it is going to hang around for a while!

toilet-roll-butterflyThis year we had some swan plants near the house and were delighted to watch the little caterpillars grow very big and then turn into a chrysalis and finally a monarch butterfly. Such a fabulous process for the children to watch (I was just as excited!). Butterflies suit paper crafts for children so so well. They are some wildlife that is pretty easy for children to get close to, and they are such a great shape to craft! My daughter finished this one for me with the perfect butterfly eyes that she drew on it, and she curled the antennae over as well.

With any toilet paper roll craft you can replace the toilet paper roll with a tube made out of cardboard if you prefer.

You will need:
- Toilet roll tube or card to make a tube
- Three different colored pieces of paper
- Scissors and glue

toilet-roll-butterfly2Cut out three butterfly wing shapes, each one a little smaller than the previous one. Run a strip of glue along the center of the biggest wing shape and stick on the middle sized shape. Then repeat to attach the smallest wing shape.
To make the body section tear up the scraps of paper and glue them onto the toilet paper roll. Glue some strips of paper to the inside of the tube for the antennae and then glue the body section to the wings. Finally draw on the eyes, curl the antenna a little and fold out the wings to separate them.

To display your butterfly you can either attach a loop at the top to hang it, or glue an iceblock or popsicle stick to the bottom to hold it or poke it in a potted plant.

We have made another version of a butterfly made with a toilet paper roll at Mirror Picture Butterfly.

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