Cup Cake Cases Bunch of Flowers
May 25th, 2010 by Craftylocks

These cup cake cases were just begging to made into flowers!

cup-cake_boquet-closeWhen I first made a cup cake case flower I used the last of my cup cake cases and when I went to replace them I found these gorgeous bright colored ones so of course I had to make some more flowers. Luckily the packets have heaps in them as these cute things are one of the speediest paper crafts for children that I have done! It took me longer to open up the packets of cup cake cases than it did to craft the flowers.

To make these you need to set aside about 5 minutes to gather everything you need and then 1 minute to make them.
1. You need chenille sticks (pipe cleaners), a bit of colored cotton wool or similar, and paper cup cake cases.
2. Poke the chenille stick through the middle of the cup cake cases.
3. Wrap the end that is at the inside of the cup cake cases around the cotton wool and then push the cup cake cases up so they all sit snuggly together.
4. Bend the chenille stick at the back so it holds them all together and so the cup cake case flowers look at you.

Another way of assembling them is to use them as part of a picture as I did in my first attempt with much plainer cup cake cases at Cup Cake Cases Flower.

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