Rolled Paper Flowers
May 20th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I am on a real roll with paper flower crafts at the moment. This is made from very simple elements and is very effective.

rolled paper flowersThis paper craft for children is related to paper quilling, but it is a very simple version of it. All you need are strips of paper which are rolled into a ring and then glued together to make the flower shapes as pictured. You can make quite a few variations of the paper flowers by varying the sizes of the rinss and also by pinching the ends of the rings to make pointed petals as I have done in the second example.

To display them you can wrap a chenille stick (pipe cleaner) around one side of the center ring, or thread them all on a string and hang them up as a garland. But I think the best way would be to attach some thread to one of the petal rings on each one and hang them as a decoration.

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