Cup Cake Cases Flower
May 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Another easy, speedy paper craft for children, and for grown-ups too if like me you love paper, glitter and glue!!

cup-cake_flower2We love making cup cakes and icing them, and of course eating them! So I had to try out making some flowers too. Very very easy – just what I love! There are many variations on how you can make these, you can make them on chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) for a nice posie, or you can make them as a picture like I have done. You can also glue different things inside the cup cake case like a child’s photo – that would then be a perfect picture or gift for a grandparent.

For the version here, start with your paper cup cake cases, some paper for the greenery bits, glitter (hands up if you love glitter!!), glue and scissors and then star crafting. I cut out and glued my greenery bits first and then glued on the cup cake cases – starting with the biggest and then gluing the others inside it. My cup cake cases are pretty on the outside and plain on the inside – glitter to the rescue! The was such fun, and guess what – easy too! I just dribble the glue randomly inside the cup cases and then sprinkled on the glitter. Once it had dried I tipped out the extra glitter and popped it back in the container. Then I spent more time ohhing and ahhing over the creating than I had spent making it.

cup-cake_flower-parts cup-cake_flower1

But in making the flower I had used up the last of my medium and mini cup cases – but don’t be sad, at the supermarket I was all of a quiver when I found cup cases in gorgeous bright colors! So of course I am going to have to make some more flowers and of course some more cup cakes! I think it is a challenge I can handle.

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