Rainy Day Artwork
May 16th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Fun artwork for children to create on a rainy day.

rain2At last we have some rain! Hopefully for all the farmers it is in time for the grass to grow before the cold weather really gets going. We have plenty of hay on hand for our wee herd of cattle, and we understock anyway so grass will not be a problem for us, but my garden needed a bit of water so we are happy to have a soggy day. It also means we could try out some art that is especially for rainy days.

For this one you need water soluble paints like poster paints, or palette paints. Paint your design onto the paper and then put it straight in the rain. Try to put it somewhere within view of a nice warm spot inside the house so that the children can watch their artwork develop in the rain. Once it looks suitably soggy very carefully bring it inside to dry. Note that the paper will tear very easily once it is so soggy so handle it very carefully and make sure you have an area with lots of newspaper spread out for it to dry on.

rain1 rain3

As well as being a great art activity this is also useful for paper crafts for children that can use your own decorated paper. To make a simple image or background, then you can just create patterns or even just paint it with one color to develop a watery pattern.

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