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May 10th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Effective way to use decorated paper

weaving1I think that sometimes we forget to use some of the simple techniques. This one most of us will have done when we were children, and it is worth doing it with our children. Paper weaving is also a great way to make use of some of those beautiful children’s artworks that are created with paper decorating techniques like the Painting with Balls and Wheels paper that we have used for our weaving.

weaving-cutsI like to set up the children’s paper crafts so that they can do most of it themselves, so for the weaving we cut the strips on the base sheet all the way from one edge. If you cut strips using a craft knife only in the middle of the paper, as in the yellow paper in the picture, it will look better. But young children cannot use the craft knives or weave in the paper like the yellow example as easily, so I suggest cutting all the way to one edge as in the pink example in the picture.

Once the paper is cut take your decorated paper and cut it into strips and weave in and out of the base paper.

We weaved in two slightly different ways. The first example we cut wavy lines and also did not push the strips up tightly. Err – an admission, another Sarah boo boo, I cut the paper the wrong way to start with so we did not end up with enough to weave tightly, but I reckon it still works out fine like this.

weaving-close weaving2

So in the second example I thought a tiny bit more before cutting and then had enough paper to weave tightly. We played around with weaving from different angles as well, and left a space for a car picture as this example used the decorated paper made with the toy car wheel prints.

weaving-close2 weaving3

Now I will get them laminated and they will be used as placemats. Easy to wipe clean and great to look at.

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