Printing with Apples
May 3rd, 2010 by Craftylocks

apple print pictureFruit and vegetable printmaking show children a different way to look at their food!

This is moving a little away from paper crafts for children and heading one step towards art, but I reckon craft is a form of art and plus we need lots of decorated paper to use in our crafts anyway. So with that justification, on with the arty crafty project. One of the fun things about this is it starts the children off thinking about what else can we use to make fruit or vegetable prints with. This is a great way to get them thinking creatively and you may be surprised with some of the objects for printmaking they come up with! It is also really useful for children to experiment with art and craft just to see what happens and focus on the process more then the result.

So wander in your garden or the vegie shop and see what you can find to print with. We picked some apples from our granny smith apple tree – it is covered with apples in autumn and we leave them on until it is really cold as that is when they are sweetest. This year the pesky bugs have found our tree and we had to pick a few apples to find ones that would give nice even bug-free prints.

apples for apple printCut your chosen fruit in different ways, with the apples we cut them in half from the stalk down and also across the middle to create a star shape in the print. We also cut them into quarters, so we found lots of ways to print from them. After experimenting with the apple prints we made a design using our favorite prints. You could also just make lots of prints and then cut the best print shapes out to make a fruit print collage.

This is a great Autumn or Fall craft for children, I have some more @ Autumn or Fall crafts for Children

apple prints

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