Origami Stalk and Leaf Tutorial
Apr 20th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Another of the paper crafts for children that has a very short materials list. All you need for this one is a piece of square paper! Once you have finished it you will also need an origami flower. Here is a handy Origami Tulip Tutorial.

origami_crease Fold the paper to make a triangle, crease and unfold.
origami_leaf origami_leaf2 Fold the sides in to line up with the center crease to make a kite
shape. Fold the sides in again to line up with the center crease.
origami_leaf3 Fold the small edge sides in to line up with the center crease as well.
origami_leaf4 origami_leaf5 Fold the wide end over so that the point is part way along the center crease. Fold in half along the center crease.
origami_leaf6 Pull the shorter piece out to form the leaf. Crease the bottom firmly.
origami_tulip-leaf Glue the stalk onto an origami flower.

Download the printable version of the worksheet – PDF Worksheet – Origami Stalk and Leaf.

See how the origami tulip, stalk and leaf has been used in my Accordion Pop-up Card.

For more info about Origami and some basic folds check out my ‘What is Origami?’ article.

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Concertina Gift Card
Apr 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A card that can be used for a gift too!

concentina_cardPaper crafts like this one are great for children and grown-ups. What I really really love about this card is that the little pockets can be used to contain all sorts of treats. The most special kind are vouchers promising things like a cup of tea, or dishes washed, that kind of thing. The giver and the recipient both feel good with that sort of gift. I will give this card to my children to see what they come up with – I suspect I may even find carefully drawn pictures of dragons tucked in the pockets!!

concentina-card-elements The elements to make this card are two shapes cut out of cardboard for the front and back of the card, I also cut a smaller matching shape out of paper to layer onto the front. For the card inner you need a piece of paper folded up at the bottom to make the pockets and then folded into a concertina. The paper can already be decorated as in this example, or you can decorate the paper in your own style. In my example I have also cut a decorative edge along the pocket edge.
tags-for-cards All sorts of things can be used to tuck in the pockets – to use in this card I made little tags out of card and tied ribbon to the top of them.
concentina-card-front Assemble the card by gluing the front and back onto the concertina. You also need to run a bit of glue along the open edge at each edge of the concertina so it is closed at each end. I also glued the accent layer on the front and added a dangling note to decorate the front.

Then it is ready for filling the pockets!!

If you want to use the shape I made for the card front and back, I have made a template – card shape that you can print out. I put lots of different sizes, even little ones that you could use for gift tags.

I will update this post after Mothers Day with what ended up in the pockets!

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Autumn Leaves Collage
Apr 18th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Paper leaves inspired by Autumn

autumn leavesIn the south island of New Zealand the trees are putting on a fiery show before winter hits. Today we wandered the garden and collected a few choice specimens to study (yesterday I raked up leaf piles and mixed them with cow poo for my compost – but not much paper crafty about that!!). We then searched through the paper piles and found papers that reminded us of the leaves and started creating paper versions of out autumn finds. This is a great way for children to use paper crafts to create some seasonal art – if you want to make this too – just follow the steps we took below.

leaf collage Number one daughter traced the leaves onto her paper selection and I cut them out.
paper autumn leaves We made a beautiful range of paper leaves inspired by the real ones.
leaf collage 2 We arranged them on the paper and glued them down.
leaf collage Once the glue was dry we added leaf details with crayons, this really brings the collage to life.

I have some more Autumn or Fall crafts for children @ Autumn or Fall crafts for Children

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Pop-up Mothers Day Card
Apr 16th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Flowers all in a row to pass on my thanks!

This is one of the very effective paper crafts for children and an easy pop-up card technique for children to create. It combines a couple of different techniques, you do not need to use both, but I have thrown them both in the mix here to demonstrate two at once.

Mothers Day Card - Garland

The first technique I used was making a paper garland (Paper Garland Tutorial). I then used pencils to give each flower it’s own personality. They are so sweet!! Other ideas for the garland are hearts or stars all in a row, or a person so that their is a row of folk holding hands.

mum-card_garland2Inside the card I made a simple pop up (Pop-up Card Tutorial) to stick on more of my flowers – I had made the garland much too long to fit on the front of the card. You will have to trust me on this, there really is a pop up on the card, it is kinda little and hard to see in the photo – but the action is that when the card is opened the three flowers ‘pop up’ and stand out from the card. To decorate the rest of the card I drew another flower – a big version of my little ones in a row.

But wait, there’s more!! Yet another flower from my garland (the last one I promise) is stuck onto the envelope to make matching set.

mum-card_garland-envelopeIf you want some more ideas for these techniques then check out my other paper garland and an alternative simple pop-up card.

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Mothers Day Tea Bag Card
Apr 16th, 2010 by Craftylocks

t-pot_cardI did not make this up all by myself for paper crafts for children, I made my own version of one that I was given last year as I loved it and it is a great mothers day card. I thought it a really nice idea as it combines home made with a little gift of the tea-bag and the associated tea break. For my version I made a tea pot with a slit in the tea pot lid for the tea bag tab to poke through.

The poem in the tea pot reads …
A cup of tea to say thank you
For all the things you’ve done
And wishes that the day will bring
You happiness and fun.

t-pot_card2I like the idea of providing the children a tea-pot card cut out and they decorate the tea-pot any way they like. My children would likely decorate it with dragons!

If you want a tea-pot template to trace I have one handy, it has two different sizes, coz I like options and I had room on the paper – tea pot template.

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Fold-out Paper Garland Tutorial
Apr 14th, 2010 by Craftylocks

One of the classic paper crafts for children, you just need a strip of paper and some scissors. Also anything that you want to use to decorate the final piece.

garland2 Any size strip of paper will do – it just needs to be long enough that you can fold it into at least 6 and have room to draw a picture. Fold the strip of paper into a concertina.
garland3 Draw a picture on the top face of the folded up paper. The picture must go to each side of the paper. Any shape is fine as long as it joins on the sides.
garland4 Cut the shape out through all the layers, making sure that the sides are not cut out.
garland5 Open it out you should have lots of shapes all in a row. Decorate each shape as you wish.

Download the printable version of the worksheet. PDF Worksheet – Fold Out Paper Garland


For an example of this one check out Flower Paper Garland or Halloween Garland.

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