Painting with Balls and Wheels
April 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

painting_with_ballsHeaps of art fun, added bonus of noisy too!

Kids love this way of decorating paper – well OK I love it too!! You need marbles or golf balls – both is good. You also need a box with a lid, the box should be about the size of the paper, I use the boxes that photocopy paper comes in – just perfect. You need the lid to stop the balls escaping when the younger artists are doing this activity. If just the grown up is doing the rolling, and you promise not to get too excited and toss the balls out, then you can leave the lid off and watch the pattern grow.

Place some paper in the bottom of the box, it should fit without too much of a gap around the edges. Drip or dab some paint on the paper for the balls to roll through. Tip in some balls and rock and roll them. The balls will leave a trail of paint where ever they go.

OK – so if you think you are ready for a little more arty crafty mess opportunity, then try painting with wheels!

Roll some paint out, borrow some toy vehicles and drive them in the paint and then on paper. Different toy vehicles have a variety of tread patterns too which add to the effect. Using wheels gives you much more control over where the paint goes, but I still prefer the random result from the ball rolling.

To take this activity to the next level try it with big balls and big paper in a paddling pool as demonstrated by ‘The Artful Parent’ at Painting in the Swimming Pool.

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