Papier Mache Fridge Magnets
April 25th, 2010 by Craftylocks

papier-mache-fish3Great gift for children to make Рrecycles  materials so nothing to buy!

A gorgeous gift that recycles materials from home – and the little fish are useful too, for holding up notes and children’s artwork on the fridge door! All you need is newspaper, some bits of card – from old cereal boxes are fine, paints, glue and those free promotional fridge magnets some businesses give away.

papier-mache-fish2 papier-mache-fish

First make a paper pulp by soaking torn newspaper for a day, then drain the water and add some wallpaper paste. Mold the pulp onto some cardboard shapes and then once they are nice and dry, paint them! Glue magnets on to the back and then you can admire them on your fridge. It takes a few days with the soaking and drying, but lots of fun.

papier-mache2So much fun that I am making all sorts of  papier mache things Рbeads, brooches, pencil holder, crown, fish wall hangings, and I still have pulp left! I ended up with a lot of pulp as I was mixing in the paste while cooking dinner and answering questions about how to spell words Рso slightly distracted I neglected to drain the water before adding the paste. Never one to waste soaked newspaper I kept adding paper napkins to soak up the extra liquid Рand adding, and adding, and adding. Great though, we get to have a lot more papier mache fun!And if you ever find yourself with extra papier mache left over Рpop some plastic wrap over it and store it in the fridge.

Now if I can just find a spot amongst all the drying sculptures I might be able to read the newspaper – before tearing it up to make some more!!

I have now made a Papier Mache Pulp Tutorial.

For more information about Papier Mache, check out my What is Papier Mache? article.

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