Concertina Gift Card
April 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A card that can be used for a gift too!

concentina_cardPaper crafts like this one are great for children and grown-ups. What I really really love about this card is that the little pockets can be used to contain all sorts of treats. The most special kind are vouchers promising things like a cup of tea, or dishes washed, that kind of thing. The giver and the recipient both feel good with that sort of gift. I will give this card to my children to see what they come up with – I suspect I may even find carefully drawn pictures of dragons tucked in the pockets!!

concentina-card-elements The elements to make this card are two shapes cut out of cardboard for the front and back of the card, I also cut a smaller matching shape out of paper to layer onto the front. For the card inner you need a piece of paper folded up at the bottom to make the pockets and then folded into a concertina. The paper can already be decorated as in this example, or you can decorate the paper in your own style. In my example I have also cut a decorative edge along the pocket edge.
tags-for-cards All sorts of things can be used to tuck in the pockets – to use in this card I made little tags out of card and tied ribbon to the top of them.
concentina-card-front Assemble the card by gluing the front and back onto the concertina. You also need to run a bit of glue along the open edge at each edge of the concertina so it is closed at each end. I also glued the accent layer on the front and added a dangling note to decorate the front.

Then it is ready for filling the pockets!!

If you want to use the shape I made for the card front and back, I have made a template – card shape that you can print out. I put lots of different sizes, even little ones that you could use for gift tags.

I will update this post after Mothers Day with what ended up in the pockets!

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