Shaving Foam Marbling
April 5th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Decorate some paper with gorgeous marbling

foam-marbling-smI have seen this technique used by adults to decorate wedding invitations, it is one of those paper crafts for children that all ages love! It creates a beautiful decorated paper, and it is simple to do. You do need one item that you may not have in your cupboard already – shaving foam. You just need the cheapest variety around though. I also need to experiment with beating soap flakes to see if they create a suitable surface, I suspect they will but I have not tested it yet. I will update this post once I have tried that out.

Basically the shaving foam forms a layer and holds the swirls of dye or food coloring for printing off. In this example we used too many colors and they mixed up very quickly and made it all a bit muddy in places. So I suggest just using a couple of colors or taking care not to mix everything too much. I have used this technique to decorate the paper for a stand up egg for Easter and to make spiral paper mobiles.

I have a detailed tutorial – Foam Marbling Tutorial for this with step by step photos. It is also available as a Worksheet for download – PDF Worksheet – Foam Marbling.

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