Stand-up Egg
March 31st, 2010 by Craftylocks

Two egg shapes and two slots equals one stand up egg

stand-up-eggI have used this paper craft technique for many decorative items. The basic technique is to cut out two identical shapes, make sure they have a flat bottom, and then cut from the bottom to the center on one shape and from the top to the center on the other shape. Then slot them together and stand it up.

Using lightweight card and smaller shapes will mean they stand up better but we also use larger shapes and support the joins with something like a foam dot. One of the eggs here uses some marbled paper we made glued back to back before I cut it. To find out how to make the marbled paper check out Shaving Foam Marbling. The other egg is one my daughter is working on. It is only finished on one side in this photo, it is just cartridge paper and has a foam dot at the center to hold it together. This is another one of those paper crafts for children that they can learn and then apply to lots of their own ideas.


Check out the Tutorial – Stand-up Shape or print out the PDF Worksheet – Stand-up Shape for step by step instructions.

I have more ideas to help you craft your way to Easter – Easter Paper Crafts for Children.

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