Papier Mache Egg
March 30th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Beautiful container for Easter treasures.

papier-mache_egg_bowOn one of the forums I contribute to I was asked about making a papier mache egg with an opening – so I set to experimenting!

I tried a few things that did not work, like an inside lip to hold the egg shut – I made it too rigid and it pushed it out of shape. I also found that as I am not so great on the accuracy side that my two halves did not meet nicely – I solved that by adding a small outside lip to hide the uneven edges. This also holds the two halves in place nicely.

I am really pleased with the process I worked out and with the final result. It is lined with tulle to make a snuggly place for treasures and treats. I also love that it is one of those paper crafts that children and adults enjoy to do.
To find out how I made it check out the Papier Mache Layers Egg Tutorial, or the printable version of the worksheet – PDF Worksheet – Papier Mache Layers Egg.

I have more ideas to help you craft your way to Easter – Easter Paper Crafts for Children.

For more information about Papier Mache, check out my What is Papier Mache? article.

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