Simple Paper Box
March 28th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A few cuts and folds – plus ribbon – equals box

fold-up_box-filled2This can be made any size and for putting all sorts of things in. I have made this one for an Easter bunny to be sitting in waiting for someone to discover him. To make the box start with a square and then cut four equal squares from each corner. Punch holes each corner and then fold the sides up and tie the sides together with ribbon through the holes. If you wish you can also decorate the edges of the box with glitter or some different paper, as I have done. This could easily be made into a basket with a handle attached.

To find out how to make one of these check out the Fold-up Box Tutorial or download the PDF Worksheet – Fold-up Paper Box.


This one is great for bunny delivered treats! I have more ideas to help you craft your way to Easter – Easter Crafts for Children.

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